About Us

Popular as the leading personal content website, Pixelink Media came into existence in 2005. Frank Hilton started the website as a freeware website. Initially, we offered customer-friendly services that included website designing, graphic, or multimedia designing services. With time, we have grown with immense potential. Thankfully, we have a team of dedicated professionals who can contribute to the all-round development of your online business. Test link here.

The Growth Continues

Frank Hilton had a great technical idea on popular web services that encouraged him to get the idea of Pixelink Media. The company stated its platform for the freelance business in the name of TechniPixel. It started in 2007 and in the last few years, the platform has grown up immensely. Today it encompasses services to multiple domains, including website design, development, graphic design, software development, multimedia services, and content. We are growing as never before. Later, the TechniPixel has gathered worldwide popularity as the Pixelink Media website.

In recent developments, Frank Hilton received a massive stroke in January 2019. The disease disabled him to continue with the freelance sub-contracting services. After this, we blocked all the existing and continuing freelance services and pages until further decision.

Let’s Us Find Out How We Got Our Business name

This is a unique story that helped us to get our name. Our passion for pixel-perfect design and printing quality, we consider the term ‘pixel’ very closely. The term ‘Pixelink’ contains two words ‘Pixel’ and ‘Link.’ Here, we put the most sincere efforts to find the best design for websites and print materials for the ultimate quality and value for money.

What Makes Us Stand Ahead of Other Service Providers?

Quite a few things go together that puts us well ahead of other service providers in this same domain. The following are just a few of them:

  • An amazing team of professionals
  • 100% on-time delivery records
  • 24-hour support
  • Ability to work on all major platforms
  • Affordable cost

Reach us whenever you think about getting a website or promoting your business online.

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