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Website Tips

How To Get On Page #1 of Google

This is my most asked question regarding website design. Google ranking if VERY COMPETITIVE and there is NO magic button to press to get you to #1. Google's main message to the masses is "Make your site REVELANT with fresh content." The days of just relying on "keywords" have become less important because each industry now uses the same keywords; that is where the competition comes in. So, Google has adjusted their metrics for search engines to give ranking to "REVELANT" website that are fresh and useful for your area. So, basically, you need to become an expert in your industry, within your local market. There is so much to Google ranking that you need to do your research. READ MORE ABOUT... Basic Guide To Search Engine Optimization

You Need A Mobile Friendly Site

With the popularity of mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones; more and more people are using search engines to find infomation quickly... the phone book is a dying breed. If you have a website, your website needs to be "Mobile Friendly" and able to display on mobile devices as a simple and easy to use website. In April 2015, Google gives greater ranking to websites that are mobile friendly, that are viewed on mobile phones. Not having a mobile phone will cause you to lose customers. READ MORE ABOUT... Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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