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Web Design

Web Design

We no longer offer web design services. Please click here... Why We no longer offer web design.

We offer web design services for your business, marketing campaign or product. We design your website using web standard technology in the html, css, php and javascript formats. With the rising popularity of mobile technology, we only design using Responsive Web Design layouts that will work on all mobile and desktop devices. Some of our web design features...

  • Static Html/CSS/JS Web Pages
  • Web Graphics & CSS/JS Animations
  • PHP & Javascript Scripts & Programs
  • MySql Databases
  • And Much More!

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SEO Services

There are 2 Levels of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can be implemented on a website.

LEVEL 1: Every website we build automatically comes with Level 1 SEO implentation. You will provide all necessary text content, which we, as the web designer, will take and make sure that all relevant keywords are used in the copy, meta tags and image tags. We handle the SEO on the website side for you. The key to good SEO strategies is to use plenty of the most important keywords used in your industry within your website. Here are some things we implement...

  • The Use Of Important Industry Keywords
  • The "Title" & "Description" Tags Are Used Properly
  • Images Contain Keywords For The "ALT" Tag
  • Keywords Are Linked Across The Site
  • We Use Google's Web Guidelines
  • And Much More!

LEVEL 2: After your website is built (and live for 3-4 months) and the ranking is not as high as you would like because of competition, you may want to implement a Level 2 SEO Service, which we DO NOT OFFER. These SEO Services typically provide AdWords, Backlinks, Blogging, Analytics and other marketing strategies. However, even Google cautions that you choose SEO Services that are reputable and follow Google Guidelines because some of those services use "Link Farms" (backlinks) that can actually lower (penalize) your ranking. These SEO Services tend to charge a lot of money for things that you don't need. Here are some benefits in using a SEO Service...

  • AdWords Can Get You Traffic To Your Site
  • Backlinks Are Important For Search Ranking
  • Blogging (Fresh Content) is Important For Search Ranking
  • Keyword Analysis Will Match Industry Standards
  • And Much More!

More Info On SEO: Basic Guide To Search Engine Optimization

Domain Names

You can either provide your own domain name that you purchase with a separate domain registrar (such as goDaddy). Or, you can purchase a domain name with us. Either way you choose, you will have to pay a YEARLY fee.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is where your actual web pages will be stored. If you purchased your domain name somewhere else, they most likely offer web hosting with the domain name too. If you purchase a domain name with us, the web hosting comes with it. NOTE: It is possible to purchase a domain name somewhere else and still have us host your web pages. We will provide you with a DNS (Domain Name Server) address that will point to our web host if you host your site with us. There is also a YEARLY fee for hosting as well. This is what you get when you host your site with us...

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Web Stats
  • Web Mail Interface

Email Accounts

We provide email accounts with our hosting packages. However, you may choose to use an external 3rd party email address (such as Gmail) with your site if you choose too. On your website, typically we suggest that you have a contact form so your email is hidden from spam-bots.

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