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Free Bass Lures

Free Bass Lures is a fishing website that we started from the ground up. The business model for this business was to exchange ad space with lure manufacturers, and then turn around and give the lures away for free to site visitors (customers). Below is some screen shots of the site when we ran it. It became so successful, we have since sold it and no longer handle it.

Free Bass Lures

Being a niche site in the fishing industry, the success of this site was because of our marketing efforts. We started with no web traffic and raised it to 17,000 visits per month before selling the site. We started off with just exchanging links with other fishing sites. Then we launched Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The strategy of our marketing efforts was to announce our contests on Facebook and the website. We used Twitter and Facebook to bring traffic to the site. We credit the website's success to fresh content (lots of fishing articles), great SEO work, video marketing and a successful Facebook presence.

UPDATE: This website has since closed. 

Word & Spirit

Word & Spirit is a bible study website started from the ground up. Below is a screenshot of the site and Facebook page. There is no Twitter, no YouTube or any other social media outlet. This site hasn't been marketed or promoted except a little through Facebook and search engines. The web traffic stats started at 0 and has just broken the 4500 visits in 2016 per month. Those may not seem like big numbers, but consider this...

Free Bass Lures

With no marketing, no AdWords or any extra SEO Services, this site has more traffic than most of my clients sites. Most of the static "brochure-like" websites that do not update their content on a regular basis averages 600 visits per month. Why is that?

One of the keys in getting more traffic and higher ranking (without paying for SEO services) is to add MORE AND FRESH REVELANT CONTENT to the site!!! Even though Facebook was used to only announce new articles, it was actually the new studies and fresh blog entries that was posted every month that raised the web traffic and got higher rankings... And this was all done without WordPress!

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