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January 14, 2017 - New Media Site

We have separated our graphics, marketing, multimedia and web design services away from the TechniPixel Solutions name and website. Our new design business is now called "Pixel•Ink Media."

The current TechniPixel Solutions website will be used as a download site for programming code and technology related content and will not be used for business purposes at this time.

We decided to shift our "media content" business away from TechniPixel because the name was hard to pronounce for many clients. The "brand" of the logo also gives the impression that we are more of an Computer IT-Tech-Type Development firm, than what we actually invisioned ourselves to be... and that is a content media design firm.

The "REFOCUS" of our business was to rebrand our logo and position ourselves to do more design work for both the digital industry, and the print media industry. Pixel•Ink Media has not changed any of our current services and the new change will not effect any work that we have done, or may do in the future for our clients. We are still doing websites and web content.

This new name change is really just a re-branding of our logo to reflect what we actually do... and that is design. In the next year, we are going to reach out to do more work with graphics and multimedia. We still enjoy doing websites for small businesses... but we actually do a whole lot more!


As we move forward, you may still see some activity on our TechniPixel social media pages until we create new ones for our new site. We will start corresponding with you using our new email. There will be changes to our updated website within the next few weeks. We have to re-brand or create new accounts for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. Our phone number is not effected.

1) All emails sent to our technipixel email will be redirected to our new email... "contactus" at(@) "pixelink.media".
2) You will need to change our email in any of your email systems.
3) If you have a "TechniPixel" logo on the bottom footer of your website, we will be replacing that with our new logo at no charge to you.
4) All checks from invoices that we send out on and after JAN 31, 2017 will now have to be made out to... "Pixelink Media".

Thank You



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