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Marketing Tips

Facebook "LIKES" Strategy

If you don't want to pay for "ads" on Facebook, there is really only one way to get more page likes... and that is through "Share/Like" contests. To do this, simply run a contest and ask everyone to share their post with their friends. On the contest ad, you want to say that "To Win, you must share and like this contest post." You also want to have an expiry date to the contest. The best thing to do for the contest is offer something FREE or a worth-while discount. Then choose one or more winners. As you keep running these contests, your page likes will increase over time. The trick is to do it at least once a month or every week. Once people realize you offer the "freebies", you will get more likes and more people will visit your website or buy your products.

YouTube Videos

Because of the popularity of online video, having a YouTube Channel is in your best interest for marketing purposes. These videos can be informative or promotional. Experts say that people would rather watch a video then read lots of text on a web page. Bascially, society has moved TV commericals to online video. The key is provide info about you product in a short, graphically appealing way. As with all marketing endeavours... become an expert in your field and appeal to what people want or need.

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