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Important News (Blog)

JULY 12, 2018

We are discontinuing all creation, editing and maintenance of any Wordpress (or any CMS) websites going forward. Even though some people prefer the WordPress platform so they can edit their own website; we have decided that this technology is not the best choice for our clients because of several problems that come with the platform. Please read below for more information and what you need to know.

Even though WordPress is not neccessarily a bad platform in-of-itself, it is best that they be run on secure, fast webservers; and be maintained by an experienced IT team. Read More About Static vs Wordpress Technology

We have discontinued WordPress for the following reasons:

  • It can be much slower that a static html/php site
  • Hackers target WordPress sites all the time
  • 3rd Party plug-ins can crash the site when updated
  • WordPress itself can crash the site when updated
  • It is much harder to customize - less flexible
  • Content users often don't understand web design
  • When they go down, they can be difficult to fix
  • Requires constant backups
  • We are not always around if your site goes down

A website should be stable, fast and bug-free. That is why we have chosen to discontinue WordPress. In an effort to provide clients with good service, sometimes we have to make decisions even though it seems to be against the trend of today. But, what client wants to hear that their website is broken from an upgrade or even hacked? Not only do they want to feel secure in their site being up 24/7, they want to know that we have their best interest in mind.

In discontinuing WordPress, we feel it is best to think about what is really trending and what is the best and most affordable way to provide that. Wordpress may of been okay back several years ago when Desktop PC's was all there was... but with Smartphones becoming more-and-more popular, we feel the simplest, lighter-loading and easiest technology for our clients website is still plain old fashion html/php!!


1) If you are one of our clients and we BUILT your WordPress site, and you can live without editing it on your own (and have us edit it)... then we will redesign your SITE for FREE!
2) If we DID NOT BUILD your current WordPress site, we will build a static PHP site (which we edit for you) at 50% discount.
3) If you wish to keep your current Wordpress site and edit it yourself, then you will have to find another company to handle your Wordpress site going forward.

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank You for your understanding!

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