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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Graphic Design

Q: How should I take photos with my Mobile Phone for website?
A: Because PC monitors are wide, when taking pictures for websites, it is ALWAYS BEST to take photos in LANDSCAPE (wide) mode; unless we request "portrait" (up/down) mode for other areas of the site like a sidebar.

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Q: What size image do you want for our website?
A: We prefer the largest, highest quality images you can give us. This usually means giving us the raw image from your camera. Larger images are better to shrink then having to enlarge small images which can get blurry or pixelated. You do not need to edit or crop the images. We will handle all the editing of images to best fit the area and look of the site.

Web Design

Q: How long does it take to build a Static HTML website?
A: Typically a 5 page website takes 4-7 hours to design. Typically, two hours for layout, navigation and color scheme; and we quote an hour per page. Of course this will depend on how much graphic and image work we have to do. Things will go quicker if you provide the text and images.

Q: How long does it take to build an OpenCart site?
A: If using the default theme of OpenCart with no changes, typcially you can be up and running within an hour (not counting plugging in your content). If the OpenCart site needs to be customized for your look, it can take anywhere from 8 to 20 hours, depending on how complex the theme will be.

Q: Why does OpenCart site cost more?
A: Even though OpenCart is free platform, they are more complex to customize with theme editing, plugins and trouble-shooting problems that arise.

Search Engines

Q: How long does it take my site to appear in search results?
A: Typically, "search-bots" come through and index websites every two weeks depending on where you are located in their cycle. And because we don't know the exact time the "bots" come through, it could be tomorrow or within two weeks.

Q: How come my new site isn't on page one of Google rankings?
A: There are many metrics that go into Google determining page ranking. Search engine ranking is very competitive. If your site is in competition with many other sites like yours, and your site is new; you'll most likely be lower in rankings until your site starts recieving more web traffic. To help drive traffic to your new site, there are other ways to promote your site; you can't completely rely on search engine traffic for your website. You should also take advantage of other marketing strategies.

Q: What metrics does Google use for page rankings?
A: Google uses many algorithm to rank a website; here are the most important metrics... 1) Fresh Content 2) Plentiful and Useful Content 3) External Inbound Links to Your Site 4) Proper Keyword Use 5) Proper Html Coding 6) Matches Google's Web Guidelines 7) Your Region

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