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Important News (Blog)

March 26, 2017 - Updated Site

We have converted our entire site to a PHP code-base framework. So any bookmarks and broken links will be redirected back to the home page. We have also renamed our "Articles" to "Knowledgebase" which is located under our "Support" navigation link. We have also added 4 Tips & Tricks pages for important tips clients may want to know.

January 14, 2017 - New Media Site

We have separated our graphics, marketing, multimedia and web design services away from the TechniPixel website. Our main design business is now called Pixel•Ink Media. For more information about the name change and move... PLEASE READ: New Media Site

October 2016 - Update of Stock Photo/Content Policies

We have updated our policies concerning using Stock Photos (and Video, Audio, Text) on any of your projects. As a design company, we have to inform our clients that they are ultimately responsible for any content used on their websites. PLEASE READ: Business Policies

August 2016 - Cost of Mobile Site Conversion

Having a mobile website is important in today's business world and we know people are concerned with the cost. We have put together a small article to explain what we have to do to convert the site and how much time is involved. READ: How We Convert Sites To Mobile Friendly

Apr 2016 - SEO Services Clarification

Recently, there has been some questions and request for SEO work which needs to be clarified. There are two levels of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that can apply to a website. 1) LEVEL 1: SEO that we do with your content, which is included with your website when we design it; 2) LEVEL 2: SEO Services that provides AdWords, Backlinking, Blogging and Analytics, which we DO NOT offer. READ MORE ABOUT SEO HERE: Web Design Services.

Nov 2015 - WordPress Development Discontinued

Recently, we had another WordPress site taken down by hackers. Because of the constant updates breaking the WP site and hackers targeting the site all the time (even though we kept it updated and secured), we have decided to discontinue offering Wordpress as a CMS solution for clients. If you already have a Wordpress site we will continue to maintain it, but we will not be developing any new WP sites. READ MORE ABOUT WHY HERE: Static vs Dynamic Web Pages.

Oct 2015 - Partnership With Penmor Lithographers

We have teamed up with Penmor Lithographers, located in Lewiston, Maine. We will be using their printing services for any clients that need top-quality printing. They are L-A's only large facility that can handle printing press operations, binding, warehousing, fulfillment and mailing capabilities for small or large scale projects. View: Quality Printing Press Services.

Google Ranks Mobile Sites Higher

As April 21st, 2015, Google has implemented a new algorithm for mobile searches (on mobile devices) that will benefit websites that are mobile friendly. Websites that DO NOT meet mobile usability standards will be given lower rankings in organic search results. Since many clients are seeing 50% or more of their search traffic coming from mobile devices, losing ranking in mobile organic search would have potentially a negative impact. What this means, is that those sites that “pass” the mobile usability test will be labeled “mobile-friendly” in mobile search results, which should draw more click-throughs. Read Google's Official Press Release

How does this effect Pixelink Media Clients? Since we have only been designing responsive mobile sites for the past couple of years; older sites that were made with fixed layouts should be re-designed to a web standard "mobile friendly" website.

Check if your site passes Google's mobile usability test (or call us): Google Mobile Usability Test

Google Adds "HTTPS:" (SSL) As A Search Algorithm

August 2014, Google has added a algorithm to their search ranking metrics that now raises websites slighly that use "HTTPS://" in their page rankings. Google states that it is a "light" metric for now, but in time will make it a "heavier" determining factor so websites are more secure. Read official news: HTTPS as a ranking signal

How does this effect Pixelink Clients? Since this algorithm is being "lightly" used in determining better site ranking for Secure Sites (SSL), it is not a major conern now, but it will be in the future. If you have a secure site (https://), then you are all set. If not, getting your site secure would only help your ranking a little for now. But, you should take advantage of a SSL site in the future. Costs range from $60 to $100 a year depending on the web hosts charge per year.

Flash Player Not Supported On Mobile Devices

Back in 2010-2011, both Apple and Android discontinued their support for Adobe Flash Player on mobile devices. Shortly after that Adobe dropped the development of Flash Player for mobile devices. With web standard HTML5 becoming the mobile platform of choice, web sites that have flash player were forced to come up with alternate solutions for the mobile side of web sites. Although Flash Player still is supported on desktop computers, more and more websites are getting away from or displaying flash in a javascript wrapper.

How does this effect Pixelink Media Clients? Since Flash is not supported on mobile devices, we have discontinued using Flash for websites. However, we have been using Adobe's Edge Animate to replace flash. "Edge Animate" can use the same animation technology that flash could do. If you have an older site that was made with Adobe Flash, we strongly recommend that you have those flash components replaced. Please contact us for more information.

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