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About Us

About Us

Pixelink Media is a global company reaching into all countries, especially the United States of America. Our main service area is around the following areas of Maine; Auburn, Augusta, Brunswick, Gray, Greene, Lisbon/Lisbon Falls, Freeport, Lewiston, Mechanic Falls, Minot, Poland, Portland, So. Portland, Norway, Topsham, Turner, Rumford, Sabattus, Southern Maine, Eastern Maine, Northern Maine, Western Maine and Central Maine.

We first began in 2005 as a freeware website called "Our Web Zone" that offered free downloads of software, graphics, flash and 3d content. In late November 2007 we launched our freelance business under the name of TechniPixel Solutions that offered web, graphics, multimedia, software and various other technology content. In the beginning of 2017, we separated our graphics, multimedia, software, 3d models and web design services from TechniPixel (which we closed) and began the Pixelink Media website, which is owned and operated by Frank Hilton of Sabattus Maine.

With over thirty plus years of graphic design, 15+ years of software programming, over 20+ years of web design; we strive to provide good quality content and services at very affordable prices.

About Our Value

Pixelink Media's most important business practice is making sure we provide you...

  • Quality Design Content
  • A Great Business Partnership
  • Quick Service and Support

How do we provide VALUE? Our work flow is geared to produce a fast turn-around service. We do this by doing all the small requests each morning and doing our bigger projects afterwards. We don't put your little 10 minute request on the bottom of a list where you have to wait for days (or weeks) to get the small stuff done!

About Our Name

"Pixelink Media" emphasizes that our services are geared towards the digital and print media industry. "Pixel" is the little small bytes of quares in digital format. "Ink" relates to our design services in the print media sector. You pronounce our name Pix-el-ink Med-i-a, as in PixelInk Media.

Our Services:

Graphic Design 3D Design Motion Graphics MultiMedia
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