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3D Model Design

Why You Need 3D Graphics and Model Design

Our technology-driven world is geared towards virtual reality, viral videos, interactive content and gaming. All these avenues of technology is relying more and more on the visuals and interaction of 3D Graphic Design. In today's competitive business world, you need to grab the attention of your customers with 3D graphics and content... and we have the skills and understanding of 3 dimensions to meet your needs.

What You Can Use 3D Graphics For...

  • General Graphics for web or print
  • Logo and Advertising Graphics
  • Product Prototypes
  • Architectural Prototypes
  • Gaming Models
  • And Much More!

Industry Model Polygon Mesh Construction

When modeling 3D, the quality of models is dependent on how much polygons (sub-division) meshes are built into each 3d model and scene. if you are needing 3D Design, then we built each model so that it looks proper. If you actually need the 3D model for a CAD or Gaming program, then the complexity of mesh will be depend on what you are using the model for. Here is the general rule of thumb for the industry...

3D Resolutions

  • Low Resolution Polygons - For 3D Games
  • Average Resolution Polygons - For presentations in graphic design or interactive content
  • Hi-Resolution - For the TV/Video Industry

3D Drum Set

3D Drum Set
This drum set has over 340 individual pieces to it, including little bolts that hold a drum skin down. Each drum (and its rims) had to be done separately. We used NO imported models... this was built by-hand, piece-by-piece. On the cymbals, we used image-maps for realism. We used "Average Resolution Polygon" mesh to make it look real. This drum set took approximately 8-10 hours to do. It takes 20 minutes to render using "Cycles Render Engine" in Blender.

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